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Facilitated Communication Research and Ethnographic Investigations of Autism

Doug Biklen, Ph.D.

Long is the Road to Recovery: The Odyssey of an Autistic American
James K. Feldman, J.D.

Authoring My Own Life
DJ Savarese

Easy Breathing Autism
Ralph James Savarese, Ph.D.

A question for all: Do you doubt my puberty?
Ralph James Savarese, Ph.D.

Our Children with Autism: They Grow Up Fast
Denise D. Resnik

Autism Special Education Legal Support Center
Julia Landau, Esq.

Autism - Believe in the Future: From Infancy to Independence
Ann Millan

Camp Joy: Making a Difference
Lori Schwartz

A Need for Recreational Facilities for Autistic Adults


An Autistic Adult's Growth Through the World of Yoga

Catherine A. Mink

Barium Test
Eve Megargel

The AUTSPOT: An Online Community for Parents, Families and Specialists Affected by Autism
Dele Popoola

The Autism Insurance Resource Center
Amy Weinstock

GallopNYC: The Benefits of Therapeutic Riding
Alicia Kershaw

Autism Housing Pathways: Building Roads to Home
Catherine Boyle

I Believe
Janet Amorello

Rhythms and Nighttime Rituals
Janet Amorello

Puz Knows How
Zack Wilson

Witnessing Miracles Everyday
Liz Becker

Time, Patience, and Love
Lisa Quinones-Fontanez

Autism Capacity-Building in the Developing World
Karen Kaye-Beall

Living My Childhood Dream

Tracy Thresher

Living with Autism in Adulthood

NLM Family Foundation

Tackling the Unemployment Crisis for Adults with Asperger's Syndrome

Marcia Scheiner

Autism is a Bird

Nicole V. Jankowski

My Autism Journey

Ymkje Wideman-van der Laan

"I Will Never Give Up"

Sean Sullivan

"Today I Put My Son on the School Bus- A Father's Perspective"

Dan Green

"A Global Voice for Autism"
Melissa Diamond


"Zachary Doesn't Laugh Much Anymore"
Crystal Garrett


"Stories from the Spectrum"
Kathryn Dietz


"Autism and Curling"
D. Scott McLeod, Ph.D.


"Team of Brothers"
Kathryn Dietz


"The Snow Ball"
Kathryn Dietz


"The Dreaded Green Chair"
Natalia Roszkowska


"Autism Eats"

Lenard Zohn


"Purple Table Reservations"

Jenifer Apazidis


"Emergency Preparedness and Response Initiative, E.K. Shriver Center"

Susan Wolf-Fordham


"Big Problem, Small World"

MK Blum


"A Digital Arts Program for Autistic Individuals"

Asher Rottenstrich

"Reflecting on Autism During this Period of Self-Isolation and Social Distancing"

Adam Hislop

"Receiving an Autism Diagnosis as an Adult"

James Kirkendall


"A Miracle of Persistence and Courage"

Daniel Stein

"I Have Asperger's and That's Okay"

Zachary Kerman







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